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I am not going to spend a lot of time defending myself to you, because it would be like spitting into a fan, I will just say that if you look at my post there is only one mention of sex, and i have not been with anyone in years, though I have had the opportunity, because i do not sleep with people who I do not care about.

Over the last four months, I have really started to care about this girl, and we both have discussed sex, and I think that Chinese women are different hmmm, maybe because they are different, hehe. Armand Dear guest 23163, I thank you for you're insiteful response.

I was laughing when I read the part about if she makes me soup, then she wants me as a husband, that is so cool, I wish everything in life were that simple, and I hope that soup will be on the menu when I visit.

I am glad that you are not a mean person who told me that chinese women like it if you bring a live chicken to bed with you.

And so, granted that chastity before marriage continues to be equated with female virtue in places outside of big cities, I have thought that the loss of virginity is no longer perceived as such a stigma."On reaction to virginity as a plot point Frances Hisgen: "My friends and I in Shanghai were also kind of shocked that [virginity] had become a plot point, because it seemed in big metropolitan cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou — where a lot of millennials come from inland China and migrate to work — not being a virgin before marriage is something that's very normal.

But it's important to keep in mind that this show has a viewership that spans all of China, and across the country — especially in inland China — attitudes towards virginity are very different.""My sense is women have made incredible progress with the careers that are open to them.

They can be jealous and very protective of their man.

As for bedtime experiences that would depend on her previous experience and age. The lady I am dating was really hurt by her ex husband who cheated on her, and i already experienced a little of the jealousy thing, not to bad though. I have found Chinese women to be very loving and loyal.

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